Bwahaha!  I would like to give credit to everyone who helped me get more into Jrock!  First and foremost, Ryokochan!  I love you, doll!  Next, Aikochan and Michichan who helped me with my fan-fics and stay close to Lareine!  Komechan never lets me forget about Gacktsama!  (No more comments from you!)  Anyhoo, you're all great, and I thank you so much for your divine influence!  I hope you read this... *grumble*

I would also like to thank everyone who helped supply me with fan-art and fan-fics.  Your submissions will be put up soon (along with your e-mail addresses for comments from readers!).  I am always willing to post more, so please send them in!  A special thanks to everyone who helped me find pictures for my site too.  If you happen to have pictures of new singles, please send them in!  I hope you all pitch in!

Arigatou gozaimasu!  *kiss!*