Hello All!  This month's mp3/mpeg/asf is a Valentine's Day Message from Hakuei!  It's pretty disturbing...I like his style!  Muahahahaha...  This file is about 520 kb.

January's Monthly Mascot is :


This month's anime website is :
TuxedoMask.Com - Sign up for free webspace!
This Month's Jrock Website is :
Murasaki's Official Website - Monochrome no Kokoro

Lastly, I will be submitting my reviews to new and old music as soon as I can.  Woohoo!  Only one done so far!  >.<  i'm bad with these kinds of things...  If you have any suggestions, send them to me!  I am always open to comments.  Thanks, and I hope to develop this part of my site further as time goes on.  ^_____^  Arigatou!


Dir en Grey - Ain't Afraid To Die Single
Tetsu69 - Wonderful World Single