New Sodmy has planned to release 3 new singles in 3 months.  Get out you checkbooks, minnasan!  This turn of events is almost guarenteed to drain the accounts of any New Sodmy fan.

Just months after the relase of bandmate Tetsu's (Tetsu69) solo single, "Wonderful World", L'arc~en~Ciel's Vocalist, hyde, released a solo single of his own.  You can now buy "evergreen" on online stores and any Japanese Music providers near you.  Click here to view the single's cover.

Malice Mizer has now stopped activity, but not without giving their fans what they deserve.  A new CD/DVD box set has been released in light of their passing.  The band states that this is temporary, but will they be back?  Only time will give the answer.  Please visit CDJapan for order information.

Dir en Grey will soon be releasing their 5th album, named Kisou.  The cd includes 16 tracks, 3 of them instrumental.  No ten-minute-monsters are planned for this album though.  ^^  It will be released sometime within the next couple months.  Please visit Dir en grey's Official website for more details.  (

More release information soon!!!